´╗┐The Lamb Tour

Music Tour and Album Branding

My take on a a gig poster and tour brand inspired by Chicago-based artist Lala Lala for her recent Lamb Tour. The special edition album sold at concerts would share a graphic style with the posters themselves. The website and artist social media could all adopt the style as well. Each city would blend iconic imagery with the artist's quirky style.

LALA -02
LALA -03

Since this concert took place in Montreal where a large portion of citizens speak French as well as English, the copy is repeated in both languages to showcase the melding of both cultures in the city. Lala Lala is wading through poutine, a widely known snack associated with the area.

LALA -06

The 'Windy City' is pretty darn cold around February. Lala Lala is shown covered in snow just like the city most likely would be. The busy skyline and iconic Cloud Gate serve as her backdrop.

LALA -01
LALA -04