Platypus Magazine

Publication Design

The goal was to embrace meaningless and ridiculous things. It was inspired by the Dada art movement and I wanted to embody that freedom in my layout design. The information was taken from an assortment of sources and are placed throughout the magazine for no reason at all.

platArtboard 111
platArtboard 141
platArtboard 131

Each collage was made with magazines I found laying around my garage

I wanted to make a magazine for the reader who has no time to read. Imagine a packed train during rush hour or the waiting in line at a coffee shop. These are the places that I wanted to intercept people and give them interesting things to see and articles about trends in raspberry jam. They may not have needed to know about the interworkings of the jam community, but perhaps they needed a break. And Platypus is just stupid nonsensical enough to give them one.

platArtboard 121